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At Massage+Medics, you will be treated by a caring staff of licensed massage therapists who have many combined years of experience. In business since 1998, Massage+Medics prides itself in offering clients caring, therapeutic, and personalized care in surroundings that are comfortable, clean, and inviting.

Our waiting room provides clients with comfortable, reclining massage chairs for those who arrive early or are ending a stressful day at work and wish to relax a bit before their massage. The waiting room also has a complimentary refreshment area with healthy juices, bottled water, and snacks.

We offer a full range of massage modalities from relaxation to deep, neuromuscular massage as well as series of multiple massage packages. Our staff includes a Reflexology therapist as well as Prenatal and Infant massage specialists. Our estheticians offer a full line of spa treatments, as well.

We encourage you to explore this site and information we provide to help educate clients on all the benefits massage therapy offers. We look forward to helping you attain a healthy and relaxed life and provide you with all the services needed for body, mind, and spirit.

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